On Being Busy

It was just the other week when I was moaning about not having anything to do and now I can’t seem to find the time to catch my breath. It’s report card time so I added that to an already busy school schedule, we’ve started getting ready for spring and have more plans to build frames this week and then we seem to have picked up new hobbies and commitments. Not that any of this is a bad thing – I like being busy and I feel better when we’re up to more things – but it is certainly a challenge to fit it all in. One good thing about Jon and my busy schedules is that it forces us to make time to see each other – less evenings spent surfing the Internet and more time spent actually being together. We’ve reinstated dinners at the table, after dinner dog walks and earlier bed times to grab a few extra minutes together each day. It is only four weeks until vacation!) where we’ll get to spend 10 whole days together but it is still nice to see a little bit of my husband before then!

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