Going to…

Belize! I feel like it has been forever since I got to announce an international trip and I’m super excited that our finances and schedule finally work for travelling again. We’ve been humming and hawing (and maybe having small budget related melt-downs) about this trip all week and then finally when we decided to go ahead and book plane ticket prices went up! Luckily they came back down a few hours later and we were able to grab the flights we wanted for about $750 pp.
This price and schedule gives us 9 days in Belize during my school spring break and a little extra money to splurge on accommodation and activities. Even before we’d booked the tickets I spent a day making a beautiful itinerary spreadsheet so I know pretty much how we’ll be dividing up our time. We’re starting with a few days in San Ignacio for ruins and jungle and then heading to Caye Caulker for sun, snorkelling and relaxation. Nothing too off the beaten track but we’re still both excited to be heading somewhere!


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