A Month of Meals

Our freezer is usually packed full – it always requires some sort of reorganisation to put anything new in – but lately it has gotten impossible to add anything. This afternoon I finally cleaned out the freezer to figure out what was taking up all my space (turns out that a significant percentage of our freezer is taken up with chopped rhubarb. I don’t remember putting that much away this summer but there are a lot of freezer bags in there). While I was taking stuff out I made a list of items – a full freezer should have a few edible items in it. I wasn’t wrong – with stuff from our freezer and my cupboards I now have the ingredients for 19 dinners (and real dinners, not just frozen soup). All we’ve got to buy this month is salad and a few veggies and I have dinners all taken care of. Its great – meal planning is done for the month – but a little alarming that we have that much stuff stockpiled.

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