CSA Share – Week #6

This Tuesday was cold and blustery. I picked up my share at the farmer’s market where venders huddled in their vans and customers were scarce. I didn’t enjoy the shopping experience but I did stick around long enough to pick up some beans to make dilly beans this weekend. We loved the ones we made last year and enjoyed every last jar.

This week’s share was pretty similar to last week. We got potatoes, spinach, swiss chard, kohlrabi, carrots, garlic, radishes and cilantro. We didn’t make it through last week’s share so I’ve got lots of veggies to work with this week. Our zucchini plants have finally started producing so there will be some zucchini meals in there. I tried a zucchini “pasta” this week and enjoyed it so we might try that again this week with a little of the fresh garlic.

I’ve linked up with In Her Chucks “Whats in the Box?” CSA Share Party. I am jealous of those people who get fruit in their shares! We do have lots of lovely raspberries in the garden this year but I’d love to have some fresh peaches or nectarines.


  1. I hear you on the jealousy. I do get cantaloupe sometimes and we just got our first watermelon, but it seems that others get a whole heck of a lot of yummy fruits. Once I got a little basket full of apricots and I swooned. 🙂

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