Things in Do in 2012 – Halfway Through the Year

The other day I was listening to the radio and the announcers was like “only 6 months until Christmas, time to start your shopping” which I think is just the silliest thing. It’s only June, summer vacation just started and its now my absolutely favourite time in Calgary (summer!). The last thing I want to think about is winter. But, it did remind me that we are halfway through 2012! I thought now would be a good time to check in on my 2012 Things to Do List and see if I’ve actually done any of them.

1. Try growing one new vegetable this year

We’re certainly trying to grow new vegetables, although it might be a few more months before I know if any of them were successful. Right now I have garlic, onions, spinach, watermelon and spaghetti squash in the garden – all new vegetables to us. I’m not going to cross this one off but I think I have definitely met the “try growing” ??

2. Keep up my fitness – I want to run another 1000 miles in 2012, go to yoga 100 times and finish the NROL plan.

This one is tricky. I’m behind on my running and yoga, but I just finished Level 5 of NROL which means I only have two levels left (which should be no problem to finish). I’m loving weight lifting – I feel so strong – and it does only take me 20 minutes 2x a week. My problem with the rest of it is that I think I’m trying to fit too much in.

3. Go on a picnic

Not yet. Really, I should just do this but right now the river is kind of high.

4. Take an ice bath

I’m training again but not committed to an ice bath after only 6 miles. When the weather warms up (August) and my mileage gets higher (August) we’ll try this.

5. Bake a loaf of sourdough bread

I haven’t baked much of anything lately. This might be a fall activity.

6. Do a yoga challenge

I just finished my own little “7 Days of Yoga” challenge. I’d like to do 15 days later this summer when we’re done vacationing. Two straight weeks of yoga will definitely be a struggle for me so we’ll have to see how that goes.

7.  Take a vacation

Happening right now! And we’ve got a second one planned for the end of the month. I am getting excited for our vacations this summer – we’re even doing a road trip which are one of my favorite ways to vacation!

8. Go out to the mountains/outdoors/wilderness at least three times

We’ve hiked Grassi Lakes and Jumpingpound Mountain already this summer. We’ve got a backpacking trip coming up and hopefully more summer adventures in the next few months.

9. Take a fantastic photograph of Jonny and I, together

There was that one attempt while hiking but I think I’m going to have to work harder on this. Vacation is the perfect time to get this done.

10. Read the Harry Potter Series

Done! I have read lots since then too – I’m already at 35 books this year!

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