CSA Share – Week #1

It’s CSA veggie time again! Our first pickup was this week and a friend kindly picked up our share while we were heading home from our Ontario trip. It’s not as much as our first share of last year but I was still excited! We have the same set up as last year (half-share) but we’re picking up on a different day and at a farmer’s market (meaning I can pick up bread and other goodies at the same time). We also still have our egg share and grain shares so Tuesdays are going to be our big grocery day.

This is what we got this week: new potatoes, mixed greens, garlic scapes, radishes, a basil plant and flowers (not pictured).



  1. What do you do with the garlic scapes? I saw them at the farmer’s market often last month but I never got any because I didn’t know what to do with them!

    1. I know – if I hadn’t got them in my CSA I never would have tried them! If we get a lot we will BBQ them and eat them as a side. Some people make garlic scape pesto but I haven’t tried that yet. I put one in my scrambled eggs the other morning.

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