Bread and Crumbs

I haven’t made bread in forever but this post a few weeks ago reminded me how nice it is to make your own. I used my favorite recipe and since I was already committing to be home, I doubled it so I’d have a supply in the freezer.

I also used my morning in the kitchen to work on another kitchen project – crusts and left over buns I’ve been collecting in my freezer to make into bread crumbs. I spread all the scraps out on two cookie sheets, broke up the larger pieces and popped them into the oven at 200F for a few hours.

I timed it so that when the scraps where nice and crusty my fresh bread was ready to go into the oven. While the bread baked, I put the cooled, dried bread pieces into the food processor and ground them into crumbs.

I store the finished crumbs in old canning jars in the freezer. One cookie sheet makes about 1L of crumbs.

It wasn’t too much longer before my bread was ready to come out of the oven. Four fresh loaves – mmm!

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