A Spring Walk

The weather was gorgeous today – too nice to stay inside – so we grabbed the dogs and headed out along the river for a couple of hours after lunch.

It is still brown out there but you can tell that spring is here. Most of the ice is gone and it’s not hard to imagine that in another month things will start to be green.

The purpose of our walk was to GPS the asparagus plants we found in the fall. They are a bit harder to see now that their vibrant colour has faded but we located about 25 plants. We had hoped to GPS them back in October but the GPS wouldn’t work – today it turned on and located satellites with no problems.

After the asparagus hunt, we headed home along the upper hills to look for crocuses. It’s probably too early – I saw them last year near the end of April – but in 2010 there were crocuses by now. The rhubarb is up, so I know that crocuses can’t be too far away! Even though we didn’t see any,  climbing the hills wasn’t a waste of time though – the dogs were exhausted.

We stopped so the dogs could have a swim on the way home. Patches got his hair cut off on Wednesday but still found the weather warm.

After we got home we spent the rest of the afternoon in the yard. We moved our compost bins out of the yard and into the back alley, I got the patio furniture out, we moved the pots of garage and fixed the rain barrel that blew over in the last big wind storm. Still lots to do in the yard (it just looks so ugly right now) but pets and people feel a lot better after a day outside.

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