HBBC – Week 2 and Week 3

I finished my teaching practicum last Friday, and all my course work today. Now that is done I think I’m going to have a lot of fun doing all the things I haven’t had a chance to do lately – like blog, read (I’ve been saving the latest Alan Bradley book for a reward) and start on my Christmas cookies. I didn’t post last week’s HBBC update because by the time I got around to writing, it was already Wednesday.  But here it is now, combined with this week’s HBBC update – a week that I feel I really got some good exercise in and made up for the past two weeks.

HBBC Week 2

Saturday – 4 mile dog walk – we hiked to see the asparagus one last time before the snow came. I was super tired after being out on Friday night, but it was a really nice day so I let the dog and Jonny drag me along the banks of the river.

Sunday – 1 mile dog walk – it was crazy windy, so I had to cancel my plan of going for a run.

Monday – 4 mile run + 20 minutes of weights + 1 mile dog walk + 7 servings of fruit and veggies – Confession: I never eat enough servings of fruit and veggies so I really, really had to work on it today. I felt like every time I took a break I had to eat something.

Tuesday – 2.5 mile run + 1 mile dog walk + 90 minutes of Bikram yoga + 7 servings of fruit and veggies

Wednesday – 1 mile dog walk + 20 minutes of weights + 3 mile run

Thursday – 1 mile dog walk + 7 servings of fruit and veggies

Friday – 2.5 mile dog walk

Total Points: 30.5

HBBC Week 3

Saturday – 6 mile run + 0.4 miles walk – I almost didn’t go for a run (I just wanted to stay home and drink coffee) but I forced myself out the door. Because I did a bad job of picking my turn around point and I was so tired of running, I walked 0.4 miles home.

Sunday – 1.6 mile dog walk + 90 minutes of Bikram YogaI was super happy that I’d done my long run on Saturday when I woke up to a ton of snow. Even with the crummy weather the hot room wasn’t crowded and I had a very nice yoga class.

Monday  – 4 mile run + 4 mile dog walk + 20 minutes of weight lifting – Since I no longer had practicum, and it was chinooking, I spent a lot of my day exercising. We did our morning 1 mile before breakfast walk, then I lifted weights. In the afternoon I took a break from school work to run and then go for another dog walk. Patches and I were both exhausted by Monday night.

Tuesday –  3 mile run + 1 mile dog walk – Too much exercise the day before, so we were both exhausted. I took Patches with me running and it was slow, slow, slow.

Wednesday – 4 mile run + 1.75 mile dog walk + 3.5 mile walk + 20 minutes of weight lifting – I wanted to keep my running miles up, but also had to walk to campus today which is why I ended up spending a large part of my day just exercising. Patches and I also walked down to the bus stop to meet Jon – just to get a few extra steps in.

Thursday – 1.5 mile dog walk – I put off the morning dog walk because I thought I was going to run. Then I decided it was too cold and I’d go to yoga. And then I put off going to yoga to bake scones. The scones were super yummy (lemon cranberry scones from Smitten Kitchen) so I think I made the right decision.

Friday – 4 mile run + 20 minutes of abs + 1.5 mile dog walk – I haven’t wanted to go running because it’s been cold, so when I came home from school to a sunny, warm day I couldn’t not go out.

Total Points: 43.75! I wanted to make up for the past two weeks where I didn’t get my goal. Now that I’ve off school I probably won’t exercise this much (I have to get other things done) but I should have more time. Yay for Christmas holidays!

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