And it was a merry Christmas

It’s late afternoon on boxing day and we’re all finally relaxing after the festivities of the past few days. The dog is asleep after a trail run, the cat has given up (for now) trying to break into the mudroom after the turkey and the men have moved to the basement to watch movies. It’s been a good Christmas!

Yesterday we opened way too many gifts, ate creme brulee french toast and worked on the Globe and Mail Christmas crossword. My little sis and I even made it out for a 4 mile run – we had to make ourselves hungry for turkey dinner somehow.

It took two tries to get the egg whites right, but Pavlova is our new Christmas dessert tradition. It’s sweet, but not too heavy after turkey.

The pets were done after dinner – too much fun with presents and turkey. They look like they had a rough day!

This morning we braved the mall because I really, really wanted a new pair of runners. My feet have been aching, and after 530 miles on this pair I figured it was time for some new shoes. I’m not sure if it was necessary to go out on boxing day but I wanted my new shoes now! Shoe prices were pretty good, so I bought two pairs.

I tried out the Asics (white pair) on our run today and had no trouble. I usually wear Adidas but these are pretty similar and at 50% off it was hard to pass up. Because the first pair were so cheap, I splurged on a second pair of lightweight Adidas (blue pair) which I think I’ll wear when the weather warms up again.

I plan to spend the next little while reading books (I think I can finish a few more before the end of the year), finishing off a few more miles with the new shoes and generally relaxing. I love holidays!

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