Winter + Donuts

Saturday was -22 C, -30 C with the windchill – winter has arrived! I am not a winter fan, so this cold snap marks the beginning of me complaining about the weather for the next 5 months. The upside to the cold weather is that I finally headed to the yoga studio for some time in the hot room. I haven’t been all month but it seemed like the better option when compared to running outside. I do really enjoy yoga, but the time commitment for a 90 minute class (plus commute) means I don’t go as often as I should. Now that the HBBC has started, I’m going to try to go more. Plus, it’s warm in there.

I’m happy that I went to yoga both today and yesterday because our Sunday brunch included a few of these amazing donuts that Jonny made.

I made a simple yeast donut and he made up some pumpkin spice cake donuts. Both were delicious, and I consumed three or four before we actually sat down to eat brunch. By the time we’d finished (spinach and cheese strata, hash brown casserole, sausage, fresh juice and coffee) I was too stuffed to move. I think it’s time I slowed down my eating – especially with the holiday season coming up. Still, the donuts were delicious (as was the rest) and I’d have them again (maybe not as many though!).


  1. Winter and doughnuts…hmmm Don’t homemade doughnuts go with any season? the whole brunch sounded delicious. I plan on trying the doughnut recipes sometime soon.

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