HBBC – Week 1

Week 1 of the HBBC started off with a bang, but sort of fizzled out. I started on the weekend with yoga and running and walking but by Friday all I was doing was eating cake and reading books on the couch.

Saturday – 90 minutes of Bikram yoga + a 1 mile dog walk
Sunday – 2.5 mile run + 90 minutes of Bikram yoga
Monday – 3 mile run + 20 minutes of weights + 1 mile dog walk
Tuesday – 5 mile run + 1 mile dog walk
Wednesday – 4 mile dog walk + 20 minutes of weights
Thursday – 2.5 mile dog walk
Friday – 3 mile dog walk

That’s 34 points for the week – one less than my goal – but I know I could have done better if the later part of my week was just a little more active! Goal for this week is to stay active – not to settle in on Friday and never move from my warm, cosy house.


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