Half Marathon Training Week 14

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And we’re done! This was my final week of training (or mini-tapering) before my half-marathon. I took it pretty easy because I was unusually achey from last week’s 10 mile run.

Monday: 3 miles + weights
Weights before work and then an easy run after work. I figured I’d only lift once this week, and I made it early on so that I won’t have super sore legs for race day.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3 miles
I can’t even remember this run, so it can’t have been horrible or very good. It has been getting dark early with the time change, which makes it trickier to run on the trails.

Thursday: rest
I just sat on the couch all night. I was exhausted and just needed a night off from everything.

Friday: 2 miles
It seemed like too long from Wednesday to Sunday without running so I set out with Patches to do an easy 2 miles. Since it was a holiday, we were able to run in the morning and it was one of the best runs we’ve had in a long time. Patches had so much energy, and I found myself laughing out loud as we raced along the trails. People probably thought we were crazy, but it’s so rare for a run to feel that good and I just had to enjoy it. It was probably a little too fast for a pre-race rest run, but I felt fine after.

Saturday: rest
I thought about yoga, but instead spent the day marking school projects and worrying about the weather for race day.

Sunday: race day!
My half-marathon went really, really well. I felt terrible at the end of it, but I exceeded my own expectations with new PR of 1:49:41.

Weekly Total: 21 miles, 1 strength workouts and 0 yoga classes

It snowed today, making me very happy that race training is over for the year! I’ll still be active – I’m going to keep with about 21 miles a week of running for the rest of the year, and try to get more yoga and strength workouts back into my routine – just not specifically training for anything.

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