Happy Birthday Blog

Today the blog turns 5 years old! I’m not going to bake it a cake, but I might eat one of these delicious (and so dangerous) 2 minute mug brownies. I actually only cook mine for 1.5 minutes so they’re a little extra gooey and oh-so-good with a scoop of chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Around this day in…

2006 – I posted my first blog entry before heading off to San Francisco

2007 – I was somewhere in the wine country of Argentina

2008 – I shared a photograph of my cat in one of my slowest months for blogging ever (only 4 posts!)

2009 – I was at home sick (and I shared photographs of my cat)

2010 – I was watching Die Hard on VHS while taking a break from school work.

What I love about blogging is the little things that it captures. Here’s to another five years of writing about the little stuff!

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  1. Wow! Five years. We have gotten a ;ot of pleasure reading your blog. Every day i check it out to see if anything new has been written.

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