Half Marathon Training Week 12

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It’s an easy week to recap because I didn’t do anything! The week started off slow, and by Saturday morning the mere thought of having run 13 miles had me almost in tears. When I felt the same way on Sunday morning I knew it just wasn’t meant to be my week. I’m a little disappointed because this was my last chance for a 13 mile long run before the race, but I think I just needed some time off. Hopefully this week (13) I’ve got my energy back and I can get a few solid miles in.

Monday: 1 mile + weights
We met one of Patches’ dog friends on the trail who was injured and cut our run very short to help out. The dog is recovering OK (she had a stroke) but we didn’t feel like running afterwards.

Tuesday: long walk
Spending time with my husband (who has been away a lot) won out over running so we went for a nice family walk to check out some asparagus.

Wednesday: 3 miles + weights
Nothing stood out about today’s run other than it was cooler and windier than the previous days.

Thursday: 4 miles
I was not feeling well, but attributed it to reading on my bus ride home from work. It was cool and blustery, but running did make me feel better.

Friday: rest
Another long day at school…

Saturday: rest
I run because I enjoy it, so if the thought of running drives me to tears, I  know I’m not supposed to be out there.

Sunday: rest
Still feeling under the weather, but not working out gave me time to catch up on all my marking. At least it’s out of the way now!

Weekly Total: 8 miles, 2 strength workouts and 0 yoga classes

My goal this week is just to run my minimum 21 miles a week! Then I can take (another) easy week and then it’s race day!

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