After the Half – the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge

My half-marathon training is done in a little under three weeks (yay!) and I’ve been looking for something to keep me motivated for that final month and a half of the year. Like last year, I’m done classes in that first week of December and have almost a whole month off with nothing but Christmas cookie baking planned. While blog hopping the other week, I came across the HBBC from RunToTheFinish. I’ve never participated in an on-line challenge, so I figured why not give it a try? I love tracking things in spreadsheets and this gives me a whole new level of things to track on top of the mileage (and number of times I go to yoga) that I already track. Oh, and there’s that whole staying in shape while eating cookies part too.

The challenge starts on Nov. 19, which is perfect to fill the gap between finishing half-marathon training and starting something (maybe another marathon?) in the new year. I’ll get points for working out each day, with different kinds of exercise being worth different amounts, which might be good motivation to keep up with cross-training. My goal is to get 35 points a week – the equivalent of me working out for about an hour each day. I think this will be doable with my morning dog walk, weights or yoga, and a run on most days and maybe I’ll surprise myself with more!

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