September Garden Update

Even though it’s well into fall, the garden is still producing – just not quite the same variety we were getting in August! This is what it looked like at the beginning of September, when we harvested the beets for canning:

Now that we’re almost at the end of September it looks more like this:

Last weekend we went on a harvesting spree and collected most of the swiss chard. We spent last Saturday freezing our harvest – over 54 cups of swiss chard, 12 cups of beet greens and 8 cups of kale. I also harvested the last of the beans, zucchini and beets and we ate the artichokes.

We still have tons of kale left, since we haven’t had anything near a frost. It’s looking good so I think it will hang around for a little bit longer.

The herb garden is growing like crazy, although I’m not sure what to do with all the dill now that we’re done pickling. If I have time before we have a frost I’ll pop some in the freezer.

And we’re still getting tomatoes. The three plants have been pretty productive but I’ve been disappointed in the taste of the tomatoes. They look so good but they taste so blah. I always hope for more with homegrown tomatoes, but I haven’t got there yet.

I’m sad that I can’t just go out and pick a salad anymore, but it’s certainly less watering with only three vegetable beds now!

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