Half Marathon Training Week 7

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This week I felt like my cold was on its way out and I was able to get back to my usual exercise routine. Sometimes I find it hard to get back to exercising after I’ve been sick but with a little more time after school and the gorgeous weather we’ve been having it didn’t take too much convincing to get out on the trails this week.

Monday: weights + 5 miles
I ran the first 3.5 by myself on the trails and then picked up Patches for the last 1.5 miles. The run was nothing special, but I made it out running.

Tuesday: 3 miles
I was pretty tired so Patches and I did a 3 miles loop through the park and then some work in the yard.

Wednesday: weights
I’ve only got one more week left in stage one of NROL. So far I’ve been really happy with the plan and I’m excited about changing the routine in stage 2. Jonny picked up a few more 5lb plates at a garage sale over the weekend so my little gym in the basement is getting pretty well equipped.

Thursday: 5 miles
I took a little time for myself and ran without the dog for the whole 5 miles. After a slower run on Tuesday I wanted to put in some miles at race pace. It was really hard to hit my pace at first but it got easier as I warmed up. After my run I took the dog out for a long walk so I don’t think he minded being left at home while I ran.

Friday: 90 minute Bikram yoga class
I felt like I might not need to blow my nose every 5 minutes anymore so I headed to the hot room. It was great to be back, and I needed some stretching after my run on Thursday.

Saturday: 12 miles
I tried to get out early (for me) which meant I was running by 9 am. It was supposed to be super hot, so I loaded up my water-pack and ran on the shady side of the river. 12 miles felt really long – I was ready to be done after 10 – but I made it back home in a reasonable 1:54. I listened to a few podcasts while I ran – 12 miles is the perfect amount of time for two episodes of Radio Lab.

Sunday: 90 minute Bikram yoga class
I couldn’t believe how fast yoga went today. The standing series just flew by, and even my least favourite poses (the back strengthening series) went quickly. Love when it feels like that!

Weekly Total: 25 miles, 2 strength workouts and 2 yoga classes

I’m super happy with my workout this week and I hope that next week goes as well. I’d like to fit in one mid-week yoga session to help my running but that’s all the changes I’d like to make.

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