Fall Walk in Bowmont

I’d planned to go for a short run today but at the last-minute changed out of my running gear and took the dog for a long walk around our favourite loop instead. Every time I’ve run this route in the past week I’ve wished I had my camera, so today I finally got my chance to snap some photos of the fall scenery. The colours were absolutely amazing over the weekend, but a couple of windy days have diminished them a little. Even with the missing leaves it was still really pretty and I think both of us were happy to have a change of pace.  I photographed the same route last year but I think the colours are better this year a little later into the fall.

We walked the loop backwards from normal, starting down near the river and working our way up to the bluff. This is the direction we usually run and it means the dog has time to dry off from any swimming by the time we get home. The poplar trees at the start of our walk are out of the wind and still had most of their leaves.

Along the river lots of the trees were showing bare branches.

We certainly don’t get that long to enjoy the leaves before they’re gone.

Feels like it was ages ago since Jonny and I went berry picking along this path!

The route passes by the wild asparagus and I stopped to check it out. In July it was just a few little spears, but over the summer it has grown into a large fern like plant. I wanted to see if it had started to change colour yet and there is just the faintest yellowing of the leaves right now. This means that our plants should start to change colour soon too.

Further along the walk, once we left the edge of the river, the hills were all sorts of yellows and reds. I love the park at all times of the year, but I think it might be at its prettiest right now.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to our usual running but it was a nice break today.

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