End of the Month: September

Wow. The end of the month really snuck up on me. I can’t believe I’ve been back in school for a whole month already. What’s really shocking is that there are only really 2 months left in this semester. So far it’s been a pretty nice fall – the weather has been as warm as summer around here. Today it was nice enough for me to move my office outside and work on the deck for the afternoon. I can’t imagine that I’ll get too many more chances for that this year!

I can’t really say that I concentrated on my 2011 Goals at all this month. With school work, increased training and Jonny starting up his field work season things have been pretty busy around here. Still, lets see how things stand now that we’re 3/4 of the way through the year.

Run a (nother) marathoncompleted in May! Now I’m training for another half-marathon and starting to plan next year’s running.

Take 5 photos a week for the whole year – 16 photos this month. At least I branched out from only photographing my garden this month!

Stop Biting My Nails – Looking good! Painting them really helps and I think I’m going to treat myself to a purple nail polish next month if I can keep this up.

Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011 –This just isn’t going to happen for me 🙁 I’ll have to work on this one again next year.

Try something new once a month –in September I canned beets. It was actually a pretty slow month for doing things.

 Take a photograph of the night sky – My first and second star trails weren’t great, but I haven’t had a chance to go out and try again.

Go on a picnic for picnic sake – Really? I haven’t done this yet? Patches and I need to get on this!

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – Still living off the CSA and the garden. I do have to go shopping this weekend since I ran out of coffee beans!

Cook one meal a week as a family – Jonny has been away for most of this month. I still cook, but it’s hardly a family meal.

Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – I have been biking to school on Fridays and to yoga. I hope that the weather stays warm enough for me to keep this up.

Increase my backyard food production/eat locally – done! Completed by the end of August with the garden and the CSA.

Read 52 Books in a Year – I read three books this month but I feel confident that I’ll finish enough before the end of the year.

In October I’m going to try to enjoy the cooler weather by embracing sweater season, getting out my boots and eating lots of soup.

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  1. Girlfirend support network, very useful for family meals 🙂 once or twice a week when hubbies want to be there but can’t ORRR, Skype, Jon across the table when he can’t be in town across the table 🙂

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