CSA Share – Week 11

A few new items in this week’s pick up as well as lots of “fall type” vegetables – potatoes (two mixed bags), onions, swiss chard, garlic, carrots, spinach, cucumbers, hot peppers, fava beans and thyme. I am not exactly sure what a fava bean is but I haven’t really got a chance to examine them closely either. A quick look on the internet suggested that I can serve them with garlic and jalapeno peppers – exactly what I got this week. One of my tasks this weekend will be to eat them and see what they taste like.

I pick up my CSA at Forage Foods and today they had the most delicious bread. I usually don’t purchase anything while I’m there, but I couldn’t resist a loaf of fresh gouda and onion bread. Spread with cream cheese, sliced cucumber, tomatoes from the garden and lettuce it made the best meal of the week. It’s decidedly un-breakfast like but I plan on eating the same thing tomorrow morning!


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