Star Trails – First Attempt

One of the things on my 2011 Goals List is to take a photo of the night sky. Not just any photo, but one of the swirly star photos (called star trails).  We had some good weather and I was in the right location so I tried snapping a few shots this weekend. They’re not perfect, but I know what I need to work on now!

Shot #1: This was my first attempt – 10 minute exposure time with ISO100 and f/5.6

Shot #2: A different location with a brightly lit foreground. Same settings as shot #1

Shot #3: I tried another location and 20 minutes of exposure. Somehow I seem to have zoomed in though!

Shot #4: Same location as #3 but with a wider angle and 10 minutes exposure. I should have gone with 20 minutes as it was darker, but I was getting sleepy!

I’m going to try again next weekend if the weather cooperates and see if I can create some clearer shots.

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