His and Her’s Home-made Deordorant

One day while blog hopping I came across this recipe for home-made deodorant. There are lots of reasons to make your own deodorant but the one that really convinced me to give it a try is that it requires only three ingredients!

After I’d purchased the ingredients, it took me only a few minutes to make a batch.  Some variations of this recipe that I had seen added essential oil, so I included a few drops of lavender essential oil in my recipe. I decided that I was OK applying it with my fingers, so I stored my deodorant in a small jar.

I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I love it! It’s easy to apply, and the batch that I made (half of this recipe) is lasting forever. I made Jonny a “his” version using clove bud oil instead of lavender and so far I haven’t heard any complaints. Price wise it is definitely cheaper than buying natural deodorant and I like the idea that if I start running low I just have to open my kitchen cupboards and make another batch.

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