Half Marathon Training Week 2

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I felt much better about my training this week. I don’t know if things we less busy, or I just made it more of a priority but I was much closer to my training goals than last week. I had 24 miles, 2 yoga classes and 2 weight lifting sessions planned and this is what I did:

Monday: 4 miles (2.5 at lunch, 1.5 with the dog after work) + weights

Tuesday: 2.5 miles + 90 minute Bikram yoga class
I hadn’t been to yoga in almost 3 weeks, so I was a little nervous about class. I had to go though because I really wanted to try out my new birthday present:

Having a full length towel (I’ve been using a regular bath towel) is amazing! I can’t wait to use it more.

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 5 miles (3 miles at lunch, 2 miles after work)

Friday: 3 miles

Saturday: weights
I’m following the New Rules for Lifting for Women plan and since it’s only about 20 minutes each time it is way easier to fit in. My old lifting program took me about an hour each time and I hated it.

Sunday: 8 miles
It was super hot and I was dragging on this run. It was good to get in a long run after missing it last week but it didn’t feel great at the time.

Weekly Total: 22.5 miles and 3 cross-training workouts

This up coming week is my last week at work before heading back to school. I’ve been running at lunch and I’m going to miss it once I start back at school.

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