CSA Share – Week 7

On the drive to pick up my CSA I was think how sad it will be when the growing season is over and I have to start buying my vegetables again! It is great not to have to make (too many) decisions about what to get – if the CSA is growing it, we’re eating it! I do have to make some choices – like today I chose cucumbers and cabbage over other items – but our veggie intake is pretty much determined by our share and what is growing in our garden. This week we’ll be eating lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, radishes, sweet onions, swiss chard, beets, cucumbers, garlic and mint:

My share bag was full today, and since we didn’t make it through last week’s veggies yet I have a full fridge. With the garden going full tilt it’s almost (dare I say?) too many vegetables. I shouldn’t complain but I am struggling to find new and tasty ways to eat swiss chard, carrots and potatoes!


  1. Those sweet onions have been an amazing addition to our share. I carmelized some in a crockpot and then froze them in small packages. They’re awesome in pasta or quiche or whatever.

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