All year we’ve been enjoying the pickles we made last September. We’re down to only two jars so our goal for this weekend was to replace our supply for the winter. I stopped by the farmer’s market on Wednesday to pick up a few cucumbers and beans, and then we harvested a bunch of our own swiss chard and carrots to top it off.

After a day of work we now have dill pickles (8 jars), dill pickled beans (2 jars), pickled carrots (10 small jars) and pickled chard steams (2 jars) to get us through the winter. We tried all new pickle recipes from the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning and I can only hope that they will be as delicious as last year’s recipes were.

As well as all the pickles, Jonny also made several jars of pin cherry jelly using the cherries we picked at the beginning of the month. We were able to pick two batches off our trees and we’ve been keeping them in the freezer until we had a chance to make them into jelly. We got 15 cups of cherries this year which made six 500 mL jars and four 250 mL jars. I can’t wait to try it on my breakfast toast!

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