End of the Month: July

The summer months are my favorite, but I find they fly by in a blur. July was no exception – I felt like it went by too fast! We ended up doing a lot of fun stuff but I wish I still had a few more July days left to enjoy.

The 2011 Goals for this month:

Run a (nother) marathon – Even though I crossed this off, I’m still keeping track of my running and planning my future training for a fall half-marathon. I ran way more this month than last month, including my 600th mile of the year and am generally feeling good about how post-marathon running is going. I’ve been running at lunch which is a great break from work and means that there isn’t the pressure to run every night after work. I’m going to miss it when I return to school in the fall.

Take 5 photos a week for the whole year – 17 photos this month. Half of them are of the garden or vegetables and three are of the cat. I’d like to take more people photos in August!

Stop biting my nails – I’ve been spending more time at my desk, which makes this one harder as I tend to fall back into it when I’m thinking or typing. This is probably my toughest goal because it involves stopping instead of starting something but I’ve come a long way.

Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011We went camping a few weeks ago in Kananaskis which was wonderful! The summer is filling up fast, but I’m still trying to fit the rest in.

Try something new once a month –in July we went Saskatoon berry picking and to the Sun and Salsa Festival all in one day! I also had my blood type tested.

Take a photograph of the night sky – I’ve got two weekends picked out for this so hopefully one will be clear enough since I really want stars (swirling stars!) in this photo.

Go on a picnic for picnic sake – We did eat a picnic lunch while hiking Upper Kananaskis Lake but since the goal of that trip was hiking and not just picnicking I’m not going to count it. I do need to accomplish this goal in the next few months because picnicking in December just doesn’t have the same appeal.

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – Using food from our gardens and eating from our CSA has really reduced our grocery bill. We’ve been mostly living off the SPUD bin, a few kitchen staples and all the fresh veggies we’ve gotten.

Cook one meal a week as a family – Just the other night we made quinoa burgers together. There was vegetarian taco salad, a purple potato bake and lots of fresh salads from the garden.

Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – With my new work schedule for July I have been driving to work. In this case having more time (a 10 minute drive compared to an hour by bus) has won over reduced fuel consumption.

Increase my backyard food production/eat locally – Our CSA started this month (we’ve gotten three weeks now) and we’ve been eating lots of stuff out of the gardens. Zucchini, carrots, lettuce and herbs are all ready, and I’m looking at beets soon too. Every time I eat a salad from our gardens I’m still amazed that we’re able to produce our own food!

Read 52 Books in a Year – I read 3 books this month but I’m still ahead of myself. I seem to alternate big reading months with months where I only read two or three books. July was one of those two or three book months so maybe I’ll read more in August?

In August I’m looking forward to more fresh produce from the garden, a little more time spent out of doors and starting half-marathon training for the fall.

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