New Shoes!

“Buy new shoes” has been on my to-do list for the past couple months ever since the hole in the toe of my current shoes got big enough for rocks to go through. For various reasons (one of them being I’m too lazy to go to the store) I hadn’t found the time to go buy a new pair. I don’t want to run this marathon in my old shoes (I’ve got over 750 miles on this pair) but I’ve been procrastinating the purchase right to the point where if I didn’t go buy the shoes today then I wouldn’t be able to get enough training miles in on them before the race.

Luckily (for shoes purchasing) the weather today was crummy and I didn’t actually want to spend time outside so we headed off to the Running Room to replace my shoes. My Adidas Response Trails have been awesome, so I knew that I could simple purchase another pair and be fine but I wanted to try on something different just to see.  I’m not into radical shoe changes but I ended up purchasing a pair of Adidas Ride 3 runners for something a little lighter and probably better suited to pounding the pavement.

I can’t wait to try them out, and hopefully I’ll be able to wear them in two weeks for my marathon. I love new gear, so the getting to wear new shoes should be just the motivation I need to finish off the last two weeks of training!

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