More Asparagus

The whole process of growing asparagus is new to me, but while wandering on the internet this winter I learned that older asparagus plants can be purchased as roots and then planted in your garden to decrease the waiting time to harvest your own asparagus from two years to one year.  We’d already ordered our asparagus seeds but decided to invest in some 2nd year asparagus plants to speed things up in our asparagus garden. Jonny placed our order in the winter and after many long months the roots arrived by mail on Wednesday.  The box had a little sticker on it reminding us that live plants need attention now, so we took it as a sign that it was time to plant them.

Planting instructions were very simple – dig a trench, put the asparagus roots in, cover with a little soil and then water. I’d never seen asparagus roots before, but they look at little bit like day lilies:

With the new bed empty it was pretty easy to dig a trench where we wanted them to grow and place the roots every 18″. Jon covered them up while I filled the watering can and in less than 20 minutes we had our first ever asparagus bed.

Now that the roots are in the ground we’re just waiting to see if they actually sprout and counting the weeks until the rest of the asparagus can move outside. I’d like our seedlings to join the older asparagus plants now but I’d hate them to be killed off after all the work we’ve put into them so I’m impatiently waiting for the end of May. I’ve started hardening off the asparagus and artichokes (today they spent over an hour outside) so they’ll be ready to go as soon as danger of frost has passed.

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