Last Training Run and the Long Weekend

This Saturday was my last training run before race day! While I am thrilled to have the completed all but a few remaining miles I am starting to get a little nervous about running the marathon. I’ve been having marathon dreams (which I don’t remember from last time) so I’m trying really hard not to think about the race at bed time. Last weekend I dreamed that I stopped and took a nap part way through my marathon and then this week I had a dream that I had to stop and buy Donnelly a new collar during the race. And not only did I have to purchase a new collar in my dream (I chose a blue one) but I had to wait while they engraved a new name tag for the cat as well.  I think both of these scenarios are unlikely to occur on race day, but it obvious that finishing within my goal time is stressing me out a little.

There is absolutely nothing I can do at this point about my training, so I’m just trying to take it easy and not stress too much. I’ve got some (hopefully imaginary) aches in my leg so I am yogaing and rolling and drinking water and just trying not to do any damage to myself. I’ve got three very short runs planned (2-3 miles each), which will keep me in the running mood and give me a few more miles on the new shoes before race day, and lots of relaxing on schedule.

Today was the perfect day to start relaxing – our lovely summer weather turned to rain and (if the weather forecast is to be trusted) it will stay this way all week.

I didn’t mind too much since we’d had a very productive weekend up to that point and I needed some down time. We (ok, mostly Jonny) pulled hundreds of dandy lions out of the lawn, got the pond set up and got a few more plants into the ground over the weekend and I was ready for a change of pace. The wet, rainy weather was the perfect excuse to spend a day breakfasting, baking and sweating at hot yoga.

I made banana bread (I’ve got a ton of bananas!) and snickerdoodles. Until our trip to Las Vegas I had no idea what a snickerdoodle was, but they are quite delicious and I figured they would make a nice lunch snack. They didn’t turn out as puffy as I thought they should but still taste pretty good.

I think they will be an enjoyable treat during this (short) week and provide me a little extra fuel during my final taper week.

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