A Start to the Garden

This Sunday we planted the first seeds into our new raised beds. Following my square foot gardening book I made 12″ x 12″ grids to cover each box on Saturday in preparation of Sunday’s planting. Using the grids makes it super easy to plant  – when we were ready to go on Sunday I just consulted my planting diagram, found the right square and popped in the right number of seeds. I know where I planted (and with what) so when it comes time for placing the seedlings into the beds I won’t accidentally plant over top.

We put in swiss chard, lettuce, snap peas and carrots into the beds, plus three pots of cilantro seeds onto the deck. Nothing has come up yet, but we’re watering and watching carefully. I’m hoping to plant beets and a second kind of lettuce in the beds this weekend, and have the seedlings out in 1-2 weeks after that. So excited for things to start growing!

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