The Littlest Bit of Green

Despite the chilly spring we’ve been having, the garden has decided to grow. After my run today I noticed that a few hardy plants were starting to turn green.

This catnip mysteriously showed up in the garden last fall but seems to really have settled in. I’ve given Donnelly a few of the leaves and he loves it so hopefully the plant grows big enough to keep him supplied all summer long.

The oregano is in the same bed as the catnip and must get lots of sun because it has lovely little green leaves hidden in all of last year’s growth.

This little plant rarely grows bigger than what you see right here, but at least it’s growing!

And I was really excited to see that the rhubarb was starting come up. We transplanted two new rhubarbs last year and I was worried that neither would survive. I am happy to report that all three rhubarb plants have buds! It’s later than we saw them last year, but since the snow just melted off them today it is to be expected.

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