School! Spring? Vacation!

I had really meant to post on Tuesday night, but then after running and packing and visiting with a friend it was midnight. And since I really wanted to go to yoga in the morning I had to get some sleep.

What I’d wanted to say on Tuesday was that I’m done school for the year! As much as I love being a student, I’m excited to do something else for the summer. Tuesday was my last day of classes and it was very enjoyable to hand in all my assignments and be done for four months.

I’d also wanted to announce the first crocus siting of the year. I have been on the lookout for a while now since I saw crocuses last year in March. It’s really only a half siting, since the flowers weren’t in bloom yet, but on that particular sunny day I felt that it was definitely spring and that the purple blooms were only days away. I was definitely wrong since it has apparently snowed 15 cm on those poor crocus buds.

I say apparently because I wasn’t in Calgary to witness the snow. I’m on vacation – in sunny Las Vegas! And it’s not snowing here. Being on vacation is awesome, and I will write about what I’m up to when I take another break from relaxing.

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