It’s Show Time!

Our Saturday and Sunday in Las Vegas were similar – wait in line for discount tickets, walk to hotel ticket office, redeem tickets, walk back to the Tropicana, sit by the pool, go see a show. Waiting in line and then walking up and down the strip can take up a lot of the day – and make you really ready for an afternoon of reading by the pool. But the waiting and walking were worth it because we got to see not one but two shows over the weekend!

We had wanted to see Cirque du Soleil’s KA on Saturday night but tickets were sold out so instead we picked up a couple discounted tickets for Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere.

The show plays at Treasure Island, at the opposite end of the strip from where we were, which gave us a chance to see a couple more fountain shows at the Bellagio and experience the crowds along the strip on a Saturday night as we walked to and from.

The show itself was pretty good. It was a bit random and sometimes there was so much happening on the stage I didn’t know what to look at but I enjoyed it for the most part. The performers can do some amazing things!

On Sunday we did a similar walk around/wait in line but because we were seeing The Lion King instead of a Cirque show, and the theatre was close it took way less time, leaving lot and lots of time for reading by the pool. Jonny had just seen Spiderman (the musical) while in New York last week but I really wanted to see this one so the lucky guy got three theatre experiences in one week.

Again, I enjoyed the show (a little bit more than Mystere even). The costumes were fantastic, the singing good and the whole thing reminded me of being a kid again. A rather annoying family sat behind us and talked through the first half but was “shhhhed” by the rest of the audience enough to stay silent after intermission. This might be why I liked the second half better but I think it also had a little more action!

All in all, both nights were a great chance to do something I never do in Calgary and let me cross item #21 – go see a play or musical off my list of things to do in my 20s!

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