Getting My Sweat On

I bought a Groupon for the Bikram Yoga studio near my house in February but have been too worried about using it to even print it off. I sort of hate trying new things like this but since I’d paid $30 for an unlimited month and this is the month I have the most free time, I had to go try it now. Plus, I know it’s good to step out of your exercise comfort zone now and again. I’d decide last week that Tuesday was the special day and to make sure I went I marked it on the calendar – !! GO TO YOGA!!!

Even though I was still humming and hawing about going as I was walking into the studio, I’m super glad I finally went because I loved it. The heat wasn’t as bad as I was expecting (I took a friend’s advice and arrived extra early to just lie in the room for a while), I actually liked the instructor talking all the time, and once I got started I hardly noticed everyone around me. Yes, I sweated out buckets and buckets, and there were some poses that I just can’t do yet but I was able to try everything and felt fine. I had been expecting to need to take a few breaks during the standing poses but I never really got dizzy or nauseous.

I took my instructor’s advice and came back the next day and the day after that. It’s been three classes now and I think I’m hooked. I love the sweating (bringing  a second towel to wipe my face is essential) and how I’m finally starting to stretch my incredibly tight leg muscles. It’s going to be a long time (if ever) before I get a straight leg in any of the leg stretching poses!

Tomorrow is a day off from yoga (I have a 20 mile run scheduled and I don’t think that yoga before or after that is a good idea!) but I’m hoping to fit a few more classes in before I head out on vacation. Ideally I’d like to get 12 classes in this month before my pass expires and then I’ll see what my schedule is like.  I’m pretty happy to have found another form of exercise I enjoy and one that I’ll actually look forward to going to when it’s -30C outside.

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