First Day of Vacation

Ah… it feels so good to be on vacation! It helps that it’s warm here and I was able to spend an entire afternoon by the pool. The current book club book and I spent a relaxing afternoon reading, sunning and swimming. The pool wasn’t warm, but warmer than anything I’ll get to swim in this summer back at home. Being able to sit in the sun really brings on that vacation feel for me.

Since Jonny is still in his course tonight, I just went for a short walk around to photograph a few of the hotels near where we’re staying. We’re at the Tropicana, which has an interesting old feel to it even in the areas that have been renovated. Unlike other hotels that have a “gimmick”, the Tropicana just seems to be a hotel and casino and I like that.

I am fascinated by Excalibur. Look at those brightly coloured towers!

And New York is a bit strange with the city, and then a roller coaster, but it’s interesting to look at (maybe not for Jonny who just came from New York but at least for me).

I’m looking forward to exploring more tomorrow (and the weekend). There is one thing that I really wanted to do while I’m  here  – run along the strip – so I think I’ll do that tomorrow and see what lies beyond our little intersection.

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