End of the Month: March

I know it’s now April, but let’s talk about how March went!

It’s still not feeling very spring like around here yet. We had one lovely day of weather this week which melted a lot of the snow and made everyone think about spring but March still left like a lion.

While I still had a cold in March I carried on as normal – I guess I’m just getting used to having permanent sniffles. I felt that I did a ton of school work but I that’s what being a student is all about. I’ve got two weeks of classes left and then vacation. Can’t wait! But enough about what’s to come, here’s how the 2011 Goals were in March:

1. Run a (nother) marathon – I’m over halfway there! This month I ran 155 miles – double what I ran last month. I also ran my first race of the season as part of this month’s training and had a great run. Training is going well 🙂

2. Take 5 daily photos in a week for the whole year – Failed this month – I only took photos on 14 days.

3. Stop biting my nails – Mixed results on this one but they look good right now. I bought a new nail polish which I really love so that is providing extra motivation.

4. Go on one canoe trip, one backpacking trip, one road trip and one camping trip in 2011 – I know what I’m doing for the summer (job wise) and while I won’t be able to take any vacation this year, I will get weekends. I’ve got some tentative plans of how to make this goal happen.

5. Try something new once a month – this month we went to Jazz Night at the Main Dish. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a great time and I’m looking forward to going again.

6. Take a photograph of the night sky – If winter ever stops we’ll give this a try.

7. Go on a picnic for picnic sake – No progress yet, but I’m getting a little antsy to spend so time outside so once the weather warms up enough this will be a great weekend adventure.

8. Get my grocery budget to $75/week – I didn’t track it this month but I doubt we did it.

9. Cook one meal a week as a family – Lots of great cooking – except I can’t remember it! We made Finnish pancakes for sure but that’s all I can recall… I think we ate out a lot this month, which we’re going to need to change.

10. Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – For commuting to work and going out this is going really well but I think we’re still driving more than we should to places like the library and grocery store. I need to fix the brakes on my bike so I can get going on that once the snow melts.

11. Increase my backyard food production
– Asparagus and artichoke seeds were planted and sprouted this month! The artichokes have gotten so big that I had to transplant them by the end of the month and are starting on their second set of real leaves. 

Read 52 Books in a Year: Slow month for reading – I read 4 books when I should have completed 5 but I’m still on track after lots of reading in February. Once school is done I’m going to spend more time curled up with my books.

In the works for April – finish school, run more and Las Vegas!

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