April Garden Update

I think that we might finally be into spring! The past couple days I’ve been able to run in shorts and a long sleeved shirt, the crocuses are all over the place and the river is almost ice free. In the yard the rhubarb has tiny leaves showing, the snow has melted off and the day lilies are starting to come up. While I haven’t actually made it out into my gardens yet I am moving full speed ahead with the indoor starting and planning. Here is an update of how things are going and what is in the works now that the weather is warming up.

We picked up the artichoke and asparagus seeds from the friend who was so kindly seed sitting while we traveled and I was excited to see that both plants have really grown!  They have been growing for about a month and a half now and are starting to get big. It’s going to be a little bit longer (another month?) before they can go outside so hopefully they keep on growing well now that they’re back in the cage.

The asparagus has put out second (and in some cases) third stems. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the asparagus (I’ve never ever seen a real plant) but this must be what is supposed to happen because all 31 plants did it. I had to re-pot the plants this week because they’ve gotten too big for their starter pots (which should give them room to grow). Their roots look good!

The artichokes have put out their third set of leaves and are looking healthy. I expected them to be bigger by now but I guess they still have lots of time.

As well, I started most of the remaining seeds that needed advanced planting yesterday. I started brocoli, zucchini, kale and two kinds of Swiss chard. The kale and chard can (and some will) be grown from direct seeding but I thought that starting a few seedlings would mean an early crop. Since it has only been a little more than 24 hours there are no signs of life but I hope by next week things will be more exciting.

I also got a copy of Square Foot Gardening from the library yesterday and spent this morning happily filling out the squares in my (hopefully soon to be) raised beds with veggies. I measured the locations for the new beds and we wrote up a shopping list tonight. Construction on the beds will start this weekend and I should be ready to plant by the middle of next month (or earlier) if we can get soil delivered.

Overall it has been a busy couple days with the gardens and I expect to be busy with them for a while, especially since weeds have been spotted in the northwest flower bed. But, the fact that things are growing almost makes up for the weeding and I’m happy to be working on my gardens again.

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