A Mild Night Out

“That’s why they call it sin city” was Jonny’s comment to me after I freaked out about not being able to recycle my pop can at dinner last night s you know Jon and I are just tearing up the town! Even if we are being out partied by small children we are really enjoying Vegas – there is something new to make us laugh everywhere we look.

This morning I went for a run along the strip and in the afternoon we explored the MGM Grand and saw the lions. We went for a swim because it was hot and had a nap because that’s what vacation is for. It was a lovely afternoon!

We followed it up by walking the Strip tonight to see a few of the things on our While In Vegas List. We saw the erupting “volcano” at the Mirage, Sirens of TI at Treasure Island and finally the fountains at Bellagio. The fountains were great so we watched two songs and I think we’ll head back again on another night to see it again. If we’re walking by the Mirage at 8 pm, I’d stop and see the volcano again but one showing of Sirens was enough (still glad we went though). 

In between the free shows on the strip we wandered through the Venetian and stopped to get a frozen margarita outside Caesars Palace (drink a beverage while walking down the strip was on our list). 

It was nice to finally get to spend an evening with my husband and celebrate being done school. We love just walking around and people watching when we travel and Vegas is the perfect place for that. I’m looking forward to more of the same tomorrow now that Jon is done.

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