Race Prep and Home-made Foccacia

Tomorrow is my first race of the season and the weather looks like I’ve time travelled to a few months in the past. I’m trying to think of it as just another long run (since that is what it is supposed to be) and not stress about the fact that it’s snowing, icy and I’m sure I’ve already forgotten to bring something even though I’m not leaving the house until tomorrow morning. On the up-side the weather is exactly like what I’ve been training in since January and picking out a race outfit is going to be easy.

After a 5 miler this morning I’m taking things easy. I made up a giant batch of Greek Orzo Salad (using barley instead of pasta) and fresh-baked foccacia for Friday night dinner. Usually we like to have takeout on Friday but I figured vegetables and whole grains would be a better choice this time. The home made foccacia is surprisingly easy and so delicious! 

I may have eaten too much but I’ll need the energy tomorrow just to keep warm. It’s off to bed to spend a little time with my current read and then get in a solid night’s sleep!

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