It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Spring!

I am overwhelmed with school work, still have my cold and haven’t swept my floor in over a week but none of those make feel quite as horrible as they would have two weeks ago because instead of looking like this, it’s starting to look (and feel) a lot like this:

Yes, that is spring along the river – see the bare bank and pools of water on the ice? Ever so slowly the river is starting to break up, the snow is melting and we’re all starting to feel just as happy as Patches does:

All the creatures in the forest are out stirring – I’ve seen beavers, deer and ducks along the trails on my daily run and the squirrels and bird are busy in the yard. It’s still too early for anything to be really growing – no crocuses yet this year (they were out on March 21 last year) – but I hope we’re not too far away. Seeing the little purple flowers on the brown hills is the surest sign that winter is behind us.

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