Yet Again

I woke up this morning with what must be yet another cold. My voice was scratchy by the end of the day (too much talking?) and the cough is back. I’m starting to think that the combination of marathon training, being a student and spending time in the classroom is just a little too much for the immune system these days.

To help me fight off the cold I made a batch of rice krispie squares tonight.  We finally finished off the last of the Christmas cookies from the freezer and I needed a sweet treat for tomorrow’s lunch. They have absolutely nothing good for you in them, but they taste delicious which must help somehow!

I’m also going to try a more practical cold fighting method and head to bed early tonight. A gargle with oil of oregano, a cup of herbal tea and a few minutes spent reading might do more good than the rice krispie square I had with dinner. I think that Donnelly has the right idea abut how to spend the rest of the evening:


  1. Kids=bacteria and virus heaven, carry hand sanitizer and use frequently, wash hands frequently, use a Neti pot or nasal lavage system , and wipe down door handles and anywhere kids put there hands frequently!

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