17 Miles

I had a very productive day – mostly because I was lame enough to do school work until 9:30 on a Friday night. It made me feel a lot less stressed about the amount of work I have to do though!

For my first Friday off in a few weeks I still got up at 6 am – I wanted to be running by 8:30 and I am slow to get ready! Even after I had the dog taken care of, breakfast eaten and the sun had come up I still puttered around trying to decide on what to wear and what to bring. I’ve been worried about this run all week and wanted to go into it prepared.

I finally decided on running tights, my mid weight merino, my jacket, a headband and running gloves, and then at the last minute I added in compression shorts under the tights. I packed my little running pouch with my cell phone, bus pass and $5 and threw a bottle of Gatorade and a rice krispie square into my purse. On with the Garmin, the shoes and my pink knitted nose wipe and I was finally able to leave the house.

I’d come up with a new running route for today to help me tackle my solo run. Usually I just leave from my house when I run but then I either have to run up a giant hill at the end of the long runs or walk a mile home. Today I wanted to avoid both those so I drove down the running route, parked the car and got the hill out of the way at the beginning of the run. This also meant that my car was parked at the 9 mile point so I could have my Gatorade and snack half way through the run. It worked perfectly and I loved not having to carry water with me while I ran.

Overall the run wasn’t nearly as painful as I was expecting. The last mile sucked, but I find the last mile of any run sucks – even if it’s only 3 miles – so I was expecting it. I’ve found that doing two different loops is mentally easier for me than one long out and back so the new route worked well. There was a headwind that I wasn’t expecting and ice flows across the path but that’s what running in the early spring is all about and it kept me from zoning out too much. 

I’m happy to have the run out of the way – it was sort of my breakthrough run from running around 13 miles to running around 20 miles and I’m glad it went well. Some foam rolling after the run and a hot shower and my legs aren’t feeling it too badly. I have 7 miles planned for tomorrow, which should help with any tightness and a sleep in Saturday planned to take care of the tiredness.

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