The Long Run

I know my long run is the most important training run each week but it’s also the hardest run to fit in. This week was the first double-digit run of marathon training and the start to almost 3 months of 2+ hour long runs every week. While I know that this is what marathon training is all about, it does require scheduling to make it all work and it means the end to really lazy Saturdays.

I’ve already missed two long runs this training cycle – a 6 mile  and a 9 mile – so it was very important to me that I get this week’s run in. Fortunately Thursday was a day off and I set aside the morning to run. Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the colder so any excitement I’d had about spending almost 2 hours outside disappeared as soon as I started layering up.

But, despite my lack of enthusiasm and the chilly temp, the run went fine. 11 miles wasn’t nearly as painful as I remember it being and I wasn’t as far off the desired pace as I thought I’d be. I’m hoping to run a sub-four hour marathon (9:10 min/mile) so I’m training at a faster pace this time and doing some of my long runs at race pace. The first 5 miles of this run were slower (~ 9:30 min/mile) and the last 6 were at pace. While I don’t want to be doing my training runs too fast, I know from my last marathon that the pace I trained at was the pace I raced at.

While I was achy yesterday after the run it has all disappeared today and instead I’m left with a non-running related head cold and hacking cough. I believe that this isn’t a new illness but I continuation of last weekend’s stomach bug. I feel like I am constantly sick this year but I understand that comes with being in a classroom full of children all the time. With the big run out of the way I will be taking some much needed relaxing time over the weekend and will hopefully have this cold beat before I know it!

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