I Think the Cold is Winning

That cold I picked up on Thursday while running – it’s still here. I really wish it wasn’t because I am miserable and I want my normal energy levels back! Two sick weekends in a row is a new record for me and I really don’t need to better it.

With the cold, this long weekend wasn’t as fun for me as I would have liked but still enjoyable. We went to a friend’s cabin for the weekend where I read, surfed the internet and played a lot of catch phrase. I would have liked more running and dog walking but the lungs didn’t want to cooperate. Still, not a bad long weekend.

It’s reading week now, so I do have time to recover and catch up. I hope the week away from school is the break I need –  that my body finally gets rid of all these nasty bugs and life returns to its pleasant routine of running, eating and being able to breathe without a rasp.

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