Feeling Under Trained

I’m having a bit of a marathon training panic this week. After missing 18 miles (4 runs) in the last week due to this horrendous chest cold I’m feeling very unprepared for the next 12 weeks of training. I try not to stress about missing a run now and again, but a whole week+ of running does concern me. Not running has allowed me to (hopefully!) get over my cold but I’m not pleased with the missed miles.

Next week brings a big jump in mileage (all four of my week day runs are +1 mile along with the usual increase on the long weekend run). After my 9 miler today (I was so happy to be out running) I did a little rearranging to the training plan since I feel that going from a 9 mile run (today) to a 14 mile run (next week) might be too much for me right now. It’s the same total mileage for March, just spread out a little differently. I still have the same maximum long run (17 miles)  but I’ve changed the remaining 3 long runs around a little. Hopefully it works!

My panic today was also triggered by the reminder that my first race of the year (a half-marathon on March 26) is quickly approaching! This race is supposed to be just another long run in the training program but hopefully gives me some idea of how my training is coming along. My goal for the next three weeks is just to stay healthy (more veggies! more fruit! more water! more sleep!) so that I can get in all of my training runs. Usually this wouldn’t be too much to ask for but this year I just seem to constantly have some sort of sniffle, cough or ach. Hopefully this cold was the last of it!

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  1. don’t forget to do some cross training, excercise bike, cross country skiing
    it helps strengthen muscles you don’t use while running but which help support the muscles you do use, and off course cross country skiing works EVERYTHING! 🙂
    You go Girl!

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