End of the Month: February

For a short month, February has sure felt long! I thought this February would feel less wintery than the past two because I’m not in Fort McMurray, but that was not the case. It was -37C with the wind chill today so I don’t think it was my imagination either. Winter is still going strong as we head into March!

I spent a fair amount of February (or at least the last half) being sick so I wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped for but here’s how those yearly goals are coming after 2 months. Nothing got completed, but I’ve been working on lots of things.

Run another marathon – 6 weeks of training done, 12 left to go. I ran 72 miles in February, which is 30 miles less than I’d planned and the exact same I ran in January when I wasn’t training. Not amazing, but we’re getting there.

Take 5 daily photos a week for the whole year – hmmm… close but not quite. I took photos on 18 days in February, mostly of the pets and food.

Stop biting my nails – I doing only OK on this one, I need to keep my mind on it, especially when doing school work.

Try something new once a month – this month I bought a Groupon. I’ve never purchased one before! Goal for March – use the Groupon.

Get my grocery budget to $75/week – Ugh, $105/week excluding eating out and a weekend away. February was just not a good month for the budget in general!

Cook one meal a week as a family – for sure: off the top of my head I know we made ginger beef, cream of broccoli soup, home-made pasta and chicken burgers together

Bike/walk/bus more, drive less – I think so? I realized I’m not actually measuring this but since Jon now takes the bus to work we must be driving less.

Increase my backyard food productionseeds arrived, we’re on our way!

Read 52 books in 2011 – I read 7 books this month bringing the total to 9 books for the year. I’m one week ahead, except my current book is taking forever!

(Some of my 11 (now 12) goals for 2011 aren’t listed because they are summer related, and will not be happening no matter how much I try when it is -37C.)

Not too shabby but still room for improvement – can’t wait to see how March shapes up.

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