I decided in January that I should read 52 books this year. I know that I already set 11 goals for the year, but one more really can’t hurt. I think I probably read 52 books a year anyways, but I’m curious to find out so I’m tracking what gets read. So far I’ve read 6 books, which I think puts me a little behind (1 book/week is the goal) but the year is young and I haven’t really hit my reading stride.

With all the reading I’d like to not just read the same old thing, so I’m taking book reading suggestions for what to read this year. Right now I’ve got 35 books on the list but am easily persuaded to read others. Suggestions?

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  1. books that i’ve written down from the radio-Take your pick!

    ladies and gentleman, the bible – Jonathan Goldstein
    Almost Green
    How the Scots Invented Canada – Ken McGoogan
    Disarmed and Dangerous
    Adventures in Taxidermy

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