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The theme for this winter is “make the house our home” – this May will be 3 years of home ownership for us and it’s about time we really settled in. Projects include finishing that kitchen (for now), some updates to the bathroom and finally getting artwork up on the walls.

I’m leaving the responsibility for actually executing the home repairs to Jonny – he’ s much more talented than I (of course I’ll be around to help) and have taken on the task of artwork. I have three goals – artwork for the living room, finding a space for our African masks and a photo wall in the basement. I love other people’s photo walls (collages of photos of them, their family, etc) and have decided that I’m going to create my own as the first project.

I’ve already been through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos that we have taken and selected about 50 that cover the time that Jonny and I have been together. There are rules – each photo must have one or both of us (exceptions for photos of the pets), must remind me a something and can’t be a horrible photo. We’ve got more photos from 2005 onward (when we moved to digital cameras) but I think I’ve got something from every year that we’ve been together. I didn’t want to take photos out that were already in albums so I think I might have to go hunt down so negatives from 2001/2002 if we want a few more pictures from our “younger days” but so far it looks like a good selection. I showed them to Jonny this afternoon and we had a few good laughs so I think my choices were good!

Next step is to find frames for all these photos. This will be a bit more time-consuming as the frames must be inexpensive (one of the main reasons we have nothing on the walls is that it costs $$) and preferably come from the thrift store. I’m not going to wait to find all the frames, photos will be mounted on the wall as we go and the whole piece will evolve as more pictures are added. I also don’t care if the frames match – nothing else in this house matches and that seems to work for us – which makes this a bit easier.

I’m pretty excited about the project (maybe more so than I should be for a collection of photos in a basement) . This spring is also 1o years since Jonny and I met and I think this collection is a great way to remember all the wonderful things we’ve shared and look forward to sharing more great adventures. It’s also reminded me of adventures I almost forgot we had – a 21st  birthday spent at the beach, a trip to Vancouver Island in 2004 (when I bought those blue sunglasses I’ve been wearing ever since), and how silly Patches was when he was a puppy.  I’m inspired to take more photos so I’ll have lots to choose from when it is time to add 2011 to the wall.

A few of the photos that made the cut (Northover Ridge, Patches/Donnelly, West Coast Trail and Brazeau Loop):

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  1. Your orange kitty looks like mine 🙂

    I think that’s a great project!! My boyfriends mother got me a set of 10 multiple sized frames for Christmas. I can’t wait until we buy a townhouse (hopefully this spring!) and I can make a collage of photos on the wall!

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