The wind is blowing, the eaves are dripping and it feels like spring here in Calgary! Running has very pleasant – no need for extra long-underwear layers, balaclava and wool socks. The dog is the only one who doesn’t like it because he doesn’t have the option of running without his winter coat. I’m trying to enjoy the chinook while it lasts because even with the spring like conditions I know that January in Calgary is a very long way from actually being spring. There will likely be another cold spell in February and you never know if the view out the window might look like this in April again this year.

The only downside to the warmth is that the trails are turning to mush. The dog and I struggled through 3 miles this afternoon slipping and sinking into the soft snow. I will be running Friday’s pace run on the plowed paths because all the extra effort is killing my hamstrings.

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